02. Oktober 2009

Aus der Zeitung

Alleged sorcerers killed in Sandaun
THREE men accused of using sorcery to kill several villagers in Framin village, Telefomin, Sandaun province, were brutally murdered by villagers last month.
Their bodies were buried in a single grave near where they were killed.
The men, all from Oksimin village, had earlier travelled out of the district to Tabubil without knowing that it would be their final trip, provincial police Commander Chief Insp Sakawar Kasieng said yesterday.
Insp Kasieng said it was during their return trip on Sept 7 that they met their fate.
A Framin villager had found out about the three men’s time of arrival and gathered at the airstrip to wait for them to arrive.
As the plane they were in touched down and drew to halt, the three men disembarked with other passengers but were immediately surrounded by the crowd and taken away.
At a spot away from the airstrip, the villagers used knives and axes to “butcher” the men and cut them into small pieces.
Insp Kasieng said the act was brutal and inhuman and very “cold blooded”.
He said the police had only received the report almost two weeks after the incident due to the non-availability of police in the area and investigations were also put on hold.
Lack of funds also prevented police from travelling into the area to investigate.
“We are not doing enough for the people because of funding problems,” Insp Kasieng said.
In a separate incident, police have also reported one man was killed after he was involved in a brawl with his friends at Dasi settlement in Vanimo.
It was alleged that the 35-year-old man was drinking with his friends when a fight broke out over an alleged drug deal.
The deceased was believed to have sustained two knife stab wounds in the heart before he collapsed and died on the spot.
The National, Friday, 2.Oct. 2009

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